Victoria Trott

Travel and Food Writer

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Coaching ...

Ever fancied being a travel writer?


Do you live abroad and want to develop an income stream from writing about your country for the UK media?


Maybe you want to keep your day job and just write about your holidays?


As a qualified life coach who specialises in working with writers, I can help you to achieve your aim of getting published, taking you from pitch to publication.


For a confidential 30-minute consultation about  how I can help you, drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll arrange a convenient time to call you back.



What they say ...



"As a writer I suffer the occasional creative crisis, not to mention self-doubt. There's long been a writer bubbling under and with Vicki's help I've brought her out of hiding. Vicki coached me over a period of several months and together we went through my priorities. With her prompts I visualised where I wanted to be with my writing and from then on it was a case of doing the work she set me. Vicki has a background in writing herself and was therefore the perfect person to coach me on what to expect when submitting work, plus she suggested exercises I could do to deal with knock-backs and writer's block. I can safely say that it's thanks to Vicki that I cleared the final hurdle - my synopsis and opening chapters are safely in the post box."

ED, novelist and artist, London